Project Results

Here you can find the project results associated to the project.

(PR1) - Update of the European Adhesive Bonder Curricula
A Specific European Adhesive Bonding Training (SEABT) programme was designed to ensure that adhesive bonding professionals can be trained to conduct the necessary working steps to produce quality adhesively bonded join for specific applications (such as Window bonding, Plastic bonding, Metal bonding among others).

Available in: EN - PT - ES - DE - SLO

(PR2) - Tools for Flexible Learning - Corresponding to digital learning and assessment tools
The tools concern the digital training materials, that were developed to support the implementation of a more flexible learning and give trainees a more agile and learner-centred way of achieving the learning outcomes for the SEABT qualification.

Learning Exercises, Available in: EN - PT - ES - DE - SLO

(PR3) - User-guide for integration into online platforms
The user-guide describes the operational steps for the integration of the SEABT curricula and tools onto online platforms and hybrid learning contexts.

(PR4) - Quality Assurance Recommendation Guideline – Corresponding to a policy
The Quality Assurance guideline is a policy recommendation for the implementation of the updated SEABT curricula in other countries and integration into the EWF European Qualification System.